Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.

-- Vincent Van Gogh --

Production @ New Realm Media

New Realm Media can assist you in producing your event, function or electronic presence. From planning, development right through to execution we can provide solutions.

Areas where you may find our assistance useful include

  • Producing any event usually involves participation of others success and is usually aligned closely with collaboration - involvement
  • Arriving at ones destination and overcoming obstacles requires the ability to be fluid (observe the wisdom of water) - strategy
  • Does your strategy involve contingencies? What happens if more people attend than you had expected - planning
  • Executing your plan in a timely manner whilst collaborating with any number of challenges requires discipline - deployment
  • Any successful event will require able people to administer the numerous task and people involved - management

“Chance dances with those
already on the dance floor”

30/10/2008 website is now updated. Having recently returned from a trip to Europe, I had occassion to visit on of my favorite places and now that I am back in Australia I took the opportunity to make some redesigns to the site.

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Steve Maguire, Executive Director of Multicultural Affairs Queensland is very pleased to support Alessandro Sorbello's production of‘ Arrivi … Partenze’ ....explores the migration experience through multimedia performance. This is a creative and innovative way of bringing the powerful and life-changing dimension of migration to a broad audience.

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