We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit

-- Aristotle �

Partners @ New Realm Media

New Realm Media has strategic partnerships with Market Leader www.ConnectingIsEverything.com for its entire web hosting needs.

ConnectingIsEverything.com manages our DNS, domain name management system, email and statistical information as well as powering our hundreds of websites.

New Realm Media partners with That! Software Co., producers of innovative client management software such as Travel Club Manager™ and other content management systems.

Proud to publish the Australian National Parks website www.AustralianNationalParks.com which is the official website for National parks in Australia.

Currently we are supporting the Hear and Say Centre as they promote their International launch at the luncheon where guest speaker Dr Vint Cerf, Vice president of Google and widely known as the founder of the internet, will appear. For more information, please visit The Hear and Say Centre

We are proud to partner with the University Ca' Foscari of Venice Italy in their Internship program.

New Realm Media has partnered with the Italian Consul for Queensland and Northern Territory to develop the website for Italian Week and assumes the role of Media Liason and marketing Manager. The first event is scheduled to commence on the 2nd of june 2007 and will be an annual event.

“Chance dances with those
already on the dance floor”


Castelmola.com website is now updated. Having recently returned from a trip to Europe, I had occassion to visit on of my favorite places and now that I am back in Australia I took the opportunity to make some redesigns to the site.

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Steve Maguire, Executive Director of Multicultural Affairs Queensland is very pleased to support Alessandro Sorbello's production of‘ Arrivi … Partenze’ ....explores the migration experience through multimedia performance. This is a creative and innovative way of bringing the powerful and life-changing dimension of migration to a broad audience.

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